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Welcome to NLET

NLET is a California-based research and development non-profit focused on systems-level changes in mathematics learning, state K-12 data, learner records and the education-to-employment pipeline. NLET believes these are key levers for both academic and career success. The organization works across sectors with researchers, education experts, education technology providers, universities and community colleges, while scaling promising technologies that lead to equitable learning or employment outcomes.

NLET Releases “The Education-Employment Crisis: A Critical Overview”

Today, there are not only difficult supply chain problems with goods and transport, but also human capital production and supply problems more complex than talent sourcing alone. Plus, the U.S. labor pool is shrinking and teachers, the front line in replacing that pool, are themselves quitting and not being replaced. This is troubling.

Covid did not just lead to education, training and employment turmoil, but to something deeper. History shows pandemics cause societal change, just as some cataclysmic events cause the natural world to change.  Gordon Freedman explores these issues and comes to several preliminary conclusions in his new paper, The Education-Employment Crisis: A Critical Overview.

“The Math Problem” Report

National University and NLET have released ”The Math Problem: Removing the Math Barrier to College Completion” by noted education writer Richard Lee Colvin.

The Math Problem surveys California’s bold experiment with ending college placement tests for mathematics and eliminating developmental math courses that offer no credit and severely limit students from achieving their education goals. In their place, the California Community Colleges and the California State University campuses are experimenting with multiple measures for placement, redesigning math pathways and doubling-down on just-in-time support for students, including corequisite math courses.

National Laboratory for Education Transformation ”NLET”

NLET is a research, development and evaluation-based California nonprofit (501c3) where extraordinary individuals and organizations work together to try to understand and unite the pieces of the education, training, personal learning and employment puzzle that need to be united to truly change student success, college completion and access to well-paying jobs.