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The Future of LearningTM

As the World Reacts

NLETTM believes that universal online education should be available all the time and bandwidth and device challenges need to be rectified for equitable access.

As the world reacts to unprecedented global changes as a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, education is challenged everywhere. Online infrastructures and digital devices are not available everywhere in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world for the most vulnerable populations. Where online education is available, methods for teaching and learning are not well established for teaching online, and effective, open-source tools for students and teachers are scarce.

U.S. / Deepening Math Challenges

NLET believes that math education requires a new dedication to understanding student progression and learning gaps from kindergarten to college.  This requires the application of learning and data sciences to accelerate math education in the U.S.

New: “The Math Problem” Report

National University, a nonprofit open access institution in San Diego and NLET have released ”The Math Problem: Removing the Math Barrier to College Completion” by noted education writer Richard Lee Colvin.

The Math Problem surveys California’s bold experiment with ending college placement tests for mathematics and eliminating developmental math courses that offer no credit and severely limit students from achieving their education goals. In their place, the California Community Colleges and the California State University campuses are experimenting with multiple measures for placement, redesigning math pathways, and doubling-down on just-in-time support for students, including corequisite math courses.

NLET TM / Modernizing Infrastructure for Education, Training, & Service Delivery

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National Laboratory for Education Transformation ”NLET”

NLET is largely a volunteer based nonprofit where extraordinary individuals and organizations work together to try to understand and unite the pieces of the education, training and personal learning puzzle that are necessary to truly change student success, college completion and access to well-paying jobs.