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David Andrews is a highly innovative educator with extensive executive leadership experience across a range of higher education and K12 institutions.  Andrews has a growth mindset with a highly successful record of designing, building, operating, and scaling a wide array of innovative learning environments both face-to-face and online.  He has a strong record of fund raising, revenue enhancement, and asset growth through an extensive personal and professional network of relationships with academic leaders, governing bodies, educational innovators, and policy makers in primary, secondary, and post-secondary sectors.  Andrews’ career-long commitment is to transforming educational models to better meet explicit learner goals. To this end, he has had a wide range of experience in serving learners from preschool through doctoral education in both highly selective and open access institutions in online, in-person and blended environments. Andrews is a pioneer in individualized competency-based formative assessment online learning models that deliver efficiency and agency to learners.  Among his passions is his ability to creatively navigate and fulfill diverse stakeholder needs while growing institutions in both reach and quality that fundamentally care about the value derived by leaners.

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Skill Path Architect

Yustina has been on a quest for connecting people with opportunity for over 20 years. Her life goal is to help people and organizations unlock their unique niches and then find and be found by their perfect matches. Yustina’s journey started in 2006 when she became the Labor Market Information Director for the New Jersey Department of Labor overseeing all federally mandated employment, unemployment, and census programs. Yustina spearheaded the rapid reemployment response efforts for the NJ Department of Labor. Realizing that traditional labor market information would not provide answers on where the jobs are and where regional workforce agencies could focus their training and workforce resources, Yustina created and deployed the first real time labor demand/supply tool in USA, called NJ Real Time Jobs in Demand. Later, she became an advisor to many other state labor market information offices to replicate the model. Yustina was then tapped to found the analytics division for Burning Glass, where she created skills, occupation, and education taxonomies, and a wide array of labor market, workforce, and education products. At Emsi, Yustina created the ‘intel chip’ of skill-based hiring, career pathing, and precision training that powered a wide array hiring, regional planning, and education analytics products. As the Chief Product and Analytics Officer for ProFinda, Yustina leads all product, tech, and R&D teams tasked to build a workforce optimization platform that aligns the mission of the business with the desires of the workforce.

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