Student Record Working Group

Learner-Owned Record Working Group

There is a great deal of public discussion about student portfolios, blockchain credential systems, badging and other data methods of identifying and mixing official student record data with nonofficial and informal data sources from multiple learning, training, intern and apprenticeship programs and certification sources. These efforts tend not to make the learner the center of their own data in a unified secure cloud system that could become a common cultural behavior and persistent reference for student background and forward planning. NLET is committed to stewardship for student (and family-owned) learning, training and work record data systems that lead to a “human capital” system for students to a) amass their varied records and accomplishments, and b) be able to exchange this information or make it available when applying for further education or training, scholarships,  support or employment. Such a system could also, with student permissions, lead to tutoring opportunities, collaborative learning and tools and resources to help students in near real-time. NLET sees the need for experimentation in terms of design and operational systems that could become smart and interactive transcripts and exploration tools. For more information, contact

Greenlight Locker

NLET and Greenlight Locker are experimenting with the Greenlight blockchain locker as part an integrated learning “identity” system that can be common to multiple institutions.