STEM Outreach

STEM OUTREACH/ Online resources

While NLETs Divisions focus on organizing technology, data, content delivery and assessment, and end user success – a systems approach to transformation, NLET’s STEM Outreach efforts focus on two grand subjects that hold a great deal of interest for students who are not already STEM or Math enthusiasts. Our job is to have both sites – the universe and our planet – be for pure form exploration and resource use and, eventually, as access to full online courses.

Astronomy & Hard Science Discovery

NLET has a unique relationship with Astronomy outreach as a STEM and Math introduction and a wonderful area of mystery and majesty to explore. This site is in early development and will feature standards-aligned content and the leading open astronomy textbook. Interested? Contact

Climate Change / Environmental Discovery

Neutral, STEM-oriented, climate and environmental science resources are difficult to determine, source as standards-aligned for units, courses, lesson plans, assignments, field work and projects. NLET is partnering with Climate Change Resources, which will launch on the Web, April 24. Contact