Pathways network

Pathways Network


Career and college pathways have received a great deal of attention and funding over the last decade because they orient students and adult learners to consider how to navigate from education and training options related to higher education and training specific to careers, internships, apprenticeships and employment outcomes. However, most pathway programs are complicated because they often cross institutions, agency and organizational boundaries, each presenting a different set of opportunities but also inconsistencies and obstacles. Similarly, unlike learning solutions or student information systems, there are no modern pathway technologies to foster a culture where pathways become normalized. NLET is devoted to encouraging, testing, piloting and evaluating cloud-based pathway systems that have strong profile systems for students, adult learners and job seekers that give tools to those individuals leading to more education, training, and ultimately employment. NLET works with several providers of new cloud-based pathway systems and is also partnered with For more information, contact

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