Mathematics network

U.S. Math Deficiency

Equitable, accessible and learner-centric math instruction and math resources tracked grade by grade were a serious problem pre-Covid. Now it is a critical challenge to the future opportunity for students, employers and the economy.

Not all students need to be proficient in math, but all learners need the critical thinking, computational mindset to be able to hold many of the available jobs that have technical requirements that include some math, analysis or data science capability.

NLET is involved with a number of nonprofit, low-cost student-centric math tools as well as conducting research, evaluation and socializing these special math solutions.


Report: NLET Reports

Introducing the Mathematics Network

NLET and its partners believe that math instruction, math learning and math research will need to change fundamentally as a result of the Covid ”time out,” which took all learners, resources and instruction online. This was both a terrible disruption to learning in the classroom but also introduced the widespread use of math tools and online courses and resources. We believe that well-researched, data-producing and individualized learning and instruction must continue both coordinated with schools and colleges as well as independent of institutions, free for use outside school in a variety of circumstances.