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NLET formed the Mathematics Network to work across a number of boundaries in the math teaching and learning worlds. NLET believes that math education as it is currently established from K to College and K to Work is not organized for overall success, and that cultural forces create substantial equity barriers to math learning across cultures, race and personal differences. For these reasons, NLET hopes to provide an organizing and thought leadership role in how communities can innovate, experiment, research and report on new ways to improve math learning, appreciation for the subject matter and incorporate what is known about bias to improve math learning for all students, as well as to upgrade math teaching and awareness.

NLET supports two well-funded, cloud-based, open math learning systems that are unique. One is Precision Math, a competency-based platform using Open Education Resources (OER) and formative assessments to locate students in math space from pre-Algebra to pre-Calculus. The other is, a new open approach to high school and first year college statistics and data science, where modeling and programming in the statistical program, “R,” are involved. For more information, contact:

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