K-12 Standards LAB

K-12 Standards Lab

It has been a decade since the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) were introduced.  Today, forty-one states use the CCSSM. The remaining states have slightly modified and renamed their standards though they remain very similar to the CCSSM.

The CCSSM was envisioned as a careful progression of math content needs from Kindergarten to high school.  The standards provide guidance and stress conceptual and example-based understanding along with procedural knowledge.

However, schools and school districts struggle to account for what standards are covered in each grade, and there is a lack of any longitudinal analysis of progress in the standards progression over time. Data-informed discussions are missing between those teaching or responsible for math instruction across elementary, middle and high school, even when later grades rely on the early ones.

In the NLET K-12 Standards Lab, we are actively exploring methods to be able to track and link learning records, problem sets, examples, assessments and measurement by standard and by student.  By having a competency approach for each student, strengths can be built on and weaknesses fortified.  Such a system will also allow teachers to have embedded professional development in real time before they teach a unit.

We welcome collaborators.  For more information please contact info@NLET.org.