Information Age Requires Change

Fundamentally, the information age is demanding that changes be made in education and training for several reasons. It is difficult to educate and train in highly contained institutional structures when today’s work, recreation and family revolves around the use of modern cloud-based, identity-based technology where assistance is brought to everyday life.

The pictures on the right allow a view into the past, one we have not veered far from. Today most students in these group pictures would be armed with cell phones, many social apps and would be in constant communication with each other. None of these tools are capitalized on in education.

NLET reaches into the heart of Silicon Valley and the financial and data industries to look for levers of change that can be reinterpreted into the world of education and training. We are trying to be the bridge between modern society and traditional education to enable more students and job seekers to gain wider access and greater opportunities.

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