End-to-End Solutions

NLET is committed to breaking the barrier of many small solutions scattered across middle and high school, CTE and workforce programs, universities, and employment and labor data solutions. The only way to make this happen is to work with cloud-based solutions that allow an individual student, adult learner or jobseeker to have a continual presence on one solution or app that stays with that individual as they explore and transition in the school system, CTE, higher education and into the workforce.

Similarly, employers need to make their employment needs known very directly and very specifically to individuals that they are trying to locate and recruit and very directly to CTE, pathway programs and academic programs that can prepare learners directly for the myriad of open jobs in the country.

Finally, CTE programs, pathway programs and academic programs operated by high schools, community colleges, training agencies and universities need to a) reach out to potential learners and b) advertise how their programs are directly related to hiring demand locally, nationally and by job category.

NLET and GoEducate are experimenting with this type of end-to-end approach.


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NLET and GoEducate are working together to bring institutions, regions and states measurable change in the progression of students, adult learners and jobseekers from education and training into employment and careers in a unique end-to-end solution.