Credential Alliance

Critical Problem

The gap between open jobs and unemployed individuals is growing.

Contributing to this gap is the lack of a common credential “currency” that uses a common and open language to register credentials offered by providers, earned by learners and utilized by employers to exist in a common ecosystem or registry.

NLET has pulled together critical players in the credential ecosystem to work together in order to track credentials of value as reported to users from state outcomes data.

Only through collaboration between state agencies, nonprofits and foundations, and vendors and employers can a coherent ecosystem be operated. Please contact us to discuss.


Report: The Newest Economy: Welcome to the Credential Revolution

Introducing the Credential & Skills Alliance

NLET Announces the Credential & Skills Alliance, a unique collaborative of institutions, agencies, nonprofits and corporate technology and data firms to organize the education-to-employment continuum in way that is open, data-driven and consistent with the needs of learners, working adults, veterans and employers. This requires models that can span K12, higher education institutions, CTE, workforce, economic development and state and federal agencies.

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