Co-Req LAB

Corequisite Math Lab

Success in college-level math is increasingly problematic.  Since the spectrum runs from students entering community college with low math proficiency to students entering university who did well on AP, SAT and ACT tests, but find difficulty in encountering college Algebra and Statistics.

In many states as placement tests and developmental math courses are increasingly being phased out due to their lack of efficacy, colleges and universities have started using corequisite courses or other support strategies while encouraging students to take college-level courses.

To enable the transition from developmental courses, which had poor success in math remediation, to corequisite courses, colleges and universities have been searching for efficient methods and tools. They have mostly used existing resources such as additional practice from textbooks, online math products, or open education resources (OER).

At NLET we are focused on next-generation platforms, new models and support system that are designed around the need for personalizing and targeting support for students, each of whom enter with distinct strengths and weaknesses.

NLET is actively looking for collegiate math faculty and math specialists who would like to join a growing corequisite consortium and participate in Algebra and Statistics pilots.  For more information please contact