Algebra Pilot

Algebra Pilot

Precision Math™ can be set up as a course or used as a corequisite support system for college, high school, teacher professional development or brush up in Algebra. The platform assists faculty to identify specific content knowledge students need help with, and delivering it to students to support corequisite instruction or just-in-time support efficiently.

Precision Math is designed at a granular or micro-competency level and uses short formative assessments to determine very specific Algebra content knowledge for students who have widely varying abilities in math. It locates students in “Algebra space” by detecting deficiencies and strengths in each student, delivering adaptive, open educational resources to boost understanding, and making that knowledge available to instructors in real-time.

The system is designed for Algebra learning and earlier grade skill building in high school and for corequisite math learning or support in the first year of higher education. It is also effective for dual-enrollment and bridge programs.  Best of all it’s free and easily adaptable to meet faculty and institutional needs.

Five Question “Knowledge Checks”
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