The efforts to change and improve education, training , and data use are accelerating, and great amounts of capital are being invested in solutions, apps, and meetings. However, for all these efforts, there is little change in the metrics of who succeeds and who fails as learners and jobseekers. NLET believes this is because there is a lack of fundamental infrastructure work on one hand, and down-to-earth apps being piloted in schools and colleges, and with independent learners on the other hand.

NLET’s Updates on Technology, Data & Culture Trends for Education & Training

Generational Transmission: Parenting & Partnering for a Better Future

BY GORDON FREEDMAN Book Review: “How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results,” Esther Wojcicki, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, May 2019 The Power of Reflection If you have any time to reflect while you are raising your children, thoughts go through your head. Should I have brought these children into this world? Will I […]

Bursting the Campus Technology Bubble Where are the Flying Cars?

Where are the Flying Cars? A WHITE PAPER BY GORDON FREEDMAN Welcome to The Campus Technology Bubble It may well be time to rethink campus technology. “What’s the deal with not knowing what our tuition buys?” This question was asked over a recent Sunday night dinner by a young former University of California student of […]

Beyond Schooling: Turning Schools into Learning Centers

What’s in a Name? Schools and school districts are officially legislated and governed as administrative bodies, not learning bodies. Learning, in many ways, is secondary. Could a simple shift in what we call schools lead to dramatic results? If schools were renamed and reoriented as Learning Centers, could their purpose become clearer and more measurable, for […]

Meaningful data about the success of schools is at our fingertips – if only we would compile it.

Schools are many different things.They are that next ring out from home life where community and families bring their children into the world. On the other hand, schools are mandatory attendance institutions that are arms of local, state and federal laws and funding. And schools and districts play multiple roles: babysitting children during the day […]

California Dreaming: Addressing the Training-to-Work “3-Body Problem”​

By Gordon Freedman California needs a living, breathing laboratory to experiment and pilot, fail, and try again to solve the three-body training, searching, and hiring problem. This will require stepping out of the well-established comfort zones held by institutions, employers, and foundations to look for common solutions to a common problem across all the sectors in […]

Higher Ed Needs to Bridge the ‘App Gap’ to Reach Students

l as continual feedback from their friends and influencers— what the younger generations rely on for context—they are likely on very different wavelengths from the colleges who want them to attend and stay, training and outreach opportunities vying for their attention, and employers who need reliable entry hires. Each generational shift suffers a cultural communication […]