NLET’s early work was in the six Lab areas that we believe are part of the education transformation for the future of learning. It is this individual work that supports NLET’s four divisions.

Learner Solutions

Universal transcriptions, competency record keeping, badge management. Eventually every student has to be the center of learning.

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Regional Access

By families to schools, training organizations, and service agencies managed by end-user mobile tools. Access to multiple services and data is a must.

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Curricular Tools

Development of math and computer science tools for success. Math and Programming are on our minds.

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The Cloud Infrastructure

Open content, open assessment and analytics, privacy (FERPA, COPPA), security, and universal standards and protocols. Cloud as a public learning infrastructure.

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Data Science

Big data, analytics, and visualizations available for all users and all roles. Education is in dire need of Data Science.

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Training Solutions

Technology development, standards, and solutions for workforce training. Closing the skills training gap is key for the economy.

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