NLET’s Funding Strategy

NLET has deliberately used the first five years, 2011-2016, to build alliances, originate and manage a series of grants in our core areas. We also wanted to be sure that our approach of creating social-technical parity with the consumer and commercial sectors was accepted.

As of 2016, we are are now focused on building general funds for NLET’s operation of its incubator and acceleration activities and to find funding for the six core areas in NLET”s “WORK” section.

For funders examining NLET, our core contribution to the world that connections learning and earning is try to work through the institutional blockages to move forward with information age solutions managed by students, learners and those active in learning and earning.

We are respectful of the institutions in education, workforce and government and their motivation, but firmly believe individuals need the tools to successfully navigate in the information age and those solutions will only arise with institutions and agencies as partners in a much more market-driven system.

Funding Opportunities – Investing in NLET

NLET has followed a step-by-step growth plan evolving from research grants to software specification development and demonstrations, to concentration on products and services developed to fill very specific needs where technology and change of culture are required.  Operations, outside of grant funds, have been sustained by senior volunteers and by personal investment in the nonprofit.

The first five years of the nonprofit have been to establish its Federal level research grant capability to compete, conceive and manage large projects with multiple sector partners and to move to actual software and service development with and for end-users.   The nonprofit is now moving to a general funding model to sustain NLET as an incubator, accelerator and aggregator of change models that can be tested, measured and can produce revenue alongside measured results as its twin success metric.

Funding is currently sought for a) general operations, b) specific projects, and c) for establishing an NLET administered investment fund for promising software, social and data systems focused on NLET’s six areas of transformational solutions for learners, cloud services, access to multiple social services, data science in education, curricular tools and training.


  • From 2011 to 2014 NLET’s funding has been through specific Federal grant-funded competitive research projects that NLET initiated and managed with university, community college and corporate partners.  These included two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants conceived and managed by NLET with university partners and one National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) sub-award with a for-profit corporation that grew out of a White House national initiative.
  • From 2014 to 2016 NLET moved to funding from private foundations and Federal agency sub-awarded grants or contracts to construct technology plans, software specifications and software development to service problems in Workforce Development and K12 data systems.


Gordon Freedman

NLET President

Ed Stanford

NLET Chairma

Kira Biccarai

NLET Senior Financial Advisor