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NLET / Modernizing Infrastructure for Education, Training, & Service Delivery

NLET is largely a volunteer-based nonprofit where extraordinary individuals and organizations work together to transform aspects of K-14 public education to help modernize workforce development necessary to improve participation and success rates. We are dismayed by the insufficient participation of players, lack of applied research, and uneven improvement within the reform movement.

  • NLET’s core expertise is cross-sector collaboration  and deep understanding of education technology; consumer technology; online learning and training; data science; data standards; and the nature, culture, and operations of education institutions, government agencies, research institutes, and foundations.
  • NLET has developed or contributed to projects funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Technology and Standards, U.S. Department of Labor, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and other foundations and corporations.

NLET’s work is divided into four programs and six areas of research that were developed over the last seven years. NLET’s applied programmatic work is designed for strategic transformation that can be carried out in pilot scenarios and then scaled. The areas of research are specific levers for change that NLET feels are critical to the modernization of K-12, community college, and workforce development.

I. Programs: Operate cross-sector networks in four critical areas in need of transformation:  a) K12 Comparative Data, b) K-14 Public Math, c) Universal Learning Records, d) Regional Opportunity Data Trusts.

II. Research: Conduct R & D in six areas we believe are critical for transformation in learning, education, and training: Learner, Cloud, Equity & Access, Data Science, Curricular Tools, Training.